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rails development services

We can help you design and build any application you wish. Whether it's a web app, mobile app, tablet app or a combination of all 3, we can handle it from start to finish. We can also maintain it for you if you need.

These services are offered to business of all sizes. From startups to small/med business. For enterprises we can even offer our ReArchitecture services where we can re-engineer all your ancient enterprise apps and give them a fresh coat of UI love and help your business utilize all your data on any device necessary, now and in the future.

What does it entail?

That depends on your budget.

We have done projects that we were able to complete in less than 10 hours (~$2500) and we have completed projects that have gone into the millions. The scale of your project will determine the cost. Since we are an agile shop, we will end up saving you money along the way. We are able to cut down development using rapid development iteration techniques which lowers the overall cost of the project.

To get a quote just drop up a line and let us know what the project entails and we can send you a quick estimate.

Rails App Optimization Services

App running slow? Keep getting 503 errors and you dont know how to stop them?

We can help you fine tune your application and your deployment. From refactoring to DB optimization, we can get your app performing smoothly.

What does it entail?

That depends on your budget.

Full Optimization Service

We will do a complete review of your Rails application and the production environment to help isolate performance bottlenecks, optimize the applications in the stack, fine-tune the production configuration and prepare your application for future traffic.

With this service we will:

  • Target methods and views for performance improvement, and create a plan for improvement
  • Locate and eliminate performance bottlenecks (or assist you in the search for them)
  • Advise on changes to your application/environment/stack that will boost performance overall and/or decrease cost
  • Determine optimal perfomance metrics

Quick Optimization Service

We’ll start with a diagnostic consultation. During this consultation, we will get a sense of where your application is slowing down and where to begin optimization. This helps us save you money by putting our resources into the most troubled part of your application first.

With this service we will:

  • Locate and eliminate the most critical performance bottlenecks (or assist you in the search for them) that plague your application
  • Advise on changes to your application/environment/stack that will boost performance overall and/or decrease cost

how do we get started

Since every project is unique, we dont have one set price for our services. What we do have are consulting blocks. Our normal hourly rate is $250, but if you purchase in blocks we discount the price, heavily.

This doesnt mean that you will have to pay us all that money up front. The pricing is based on the estimated time to completion. If you come to us with a problem and we tell you that we estimate it will take 600 hours to complete, then your pricing will fall in the 501-750 hours pricing block.

Also, we like to work in an agile fashion, which means we can save you money. We like to keep our sprint cycles short, about 1 week. Because of this we can get to the end of the project much faster and since we dont have long term contracts, you can drop us at any time. If you are not fully satisfied with our work, we dont want to force you to stick around.

Here is a table that shows how our discounts breakdown for projects.

Hours Cost Per Hour
1-100 $250
101-250 $200
251-500 $175
501-750 $150
751-999 $120
1000+ $100

Contact us to get started.


Flvorful's ability and technical knowledge to create and maintain our systems is unmatched. I highly recommend Jake and the team at Flvorful due to their deep knowledge of Rails, and the ability to logically solve complex technical issues quickly and efficiently.Neil P. - Volusion Inc.

Flvorful was instrumental in helping us get our new website up and running. Jake has also been instrumental in helping us to maximize our website potentialFrank. S -

Jake with Flvorful worked with Leap In on several of our key projects in Rails, as an off-site consultant. He's a great communicator and a careful, conscientious coder. We'd gladly work with Flvorful again, and recommend their services highly.Michael G. - Just Leapin Inc.