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harnessing the power of web and mobile technologies for businesses of all sizes

Trying to wrap your head around all the technology flying around can be a full-time task. Luckily, we do it so you don't have to.

We know what technology to use and when to use it. We are not scared of telling you that the solution you want to use is stupid and we will tell you exactly why. Our goal is to help you harness technology properly, efficiently and effectively for your particular business.

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EasyHTMLTags: A new jQuery library to create HTML tags easily

Creating HTML in jquery is a tedious and, quite frankly, boring task. Coming from a Rails web development background, I always wanted a way to cre...

A Simple Pattern for Ruby's inject method

Ruby’s inject is an often misunderstood method, but you would be surprised at how much it can help you clean up your code. I see many develop...